Aletta. Institute for Women’s History: Women’s Thesaurus

Aletta. Institute for Women’s History (Web)

Since 1998 Aletta maintains the Women’s Thesaurus with keywords on the position of women and women’s studies. The online Thesaurus provides access to the rich cross-references and multiple levels of relationships within the thesaurus. The Women’s Thesaurus is a tool for indexing and retrieving women’s information in the collection of Aletta and other libraries and archives.

The Women’s Thesaurus contains keywords for the retrieval of information on the position of women and women’s studies. Women’s information may be about anything that concerns the everyday life and position of women in society, for example anorexia nervosa, feminist media, images of women, lesbian mothers, migration, re-entering the labour market or sexual violence. It may be about historical subjects such as black women’s history, the first feminist wave, women’s suffrage or witches. But it is also about theoretical developments in women’s studies and feminist scholarship, like nature culture debate, queer theory and theories of power.

In addition to searching by keyword it is also possible to search by specific category, country, period, profession or the form of information (such as a diary or a song).

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