Konferenz: Ästhetiken des Widerstands. Partisan:innenkunst und feministische partisanische Kulturpraxis in Jugoslawien und Kärnten/Koroška, 27.-28.10.2023, Klagenfurt/Celovec

Alpen-Adria-Univ. Klagenfurt/Celovec, Institut für Slawistik; Elena Messner, Markus Gönitzer und Cristina Beretta (Web)

Time: 27.-28.10.2023
Venue: Alpen-Adria-Univ. Klagenfurt/Celovec and WerkStattMuseum im Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky Haus

Programme (PDF)

Sessions: Introductory Lectures: Female Resistance | Magazines, Graphic Arts & Journalism | Theatre, Dance, Singing/Choir & Performance | Visual Media, Art & Museum | Performance: The Lost Futures of the Carinthian Partisans | Graphic Novels, Film & Iconization | Literatur | Monuments & the Arts | Opening of the Exhibition with Members of the Curatorial Team: ŽENSKO IME ODPORA/The Female Name of Resistance | Excursion to the Museum und Gedänkstätte Peršmanhof

The goal is to organize a conference that addresses and questions current artistic and scientific positions on partisan art through the lens of gender and gender-theories. The focus lies on art and culture both of the partisan movement and about the partisan movement in Yugoslavia and Carinthia. The question that guides this conference is: how – in addition to politically and socially rooted themes such as the struggle for liberation, the question of class, the socialist revolution, and the victory over Nazism – can we pinpoint aesthetics of the “partisan” that conveys specific revolutionary and emancipatory narratives, and how can this aesthetic be (re)interpreted through a gender-focused gaze? The conference aims to generate scientific knowledge that encompasses cultural-theoretical, historical-scientific and art-analytical positions, that explores the formats of the partisan aesthetic. Read more … (Web).