CfP: Gender and Sexuality (Publication: Annual Review of Critical Psychology); DL: 15.04.2012

Ilana Mountian, Marco Aurelio Maximo Prado, Jemma Tosh and Suryia Nayak, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil, Manchester Metropolitan University and UK and Salford University, UK (Web)

Abstract: 15.04.2012

This special issue aims at the discussion of key issues on contemporary themes on gender and sexuality, looking at the intersections between queer studies and feminist research, theory and activism.

We would like to invite scholars and activists to submit their papers on gender studies considering queer studies and feminist research. We are expecting theoretical and methodological discussions and further developments in the area, as well as activist inputs within this debate. Key areas of the debate we are looking are listed below:

  • Intersectionality between gender, sex, class and race, and other hierarchical categories, such as age, religion, education, disability; Homophobia and heteronormativity/heterosexism; Politics of the closet; Identity politics; Social movements and activism; Politics, education, religion and sexuality; Sexuality, gender and pathologisation; Post-coloniality, gender and sexuality; Debates on gender nonconformity, transsexualism and transgenderism.

Although this is a broad call, we accept further suggestions. We aim at a critical and international forum for debate. Submissions are expected until 15th, April, 2012. This publication is scheduled for 2013. The peer-review process will follow editorial guidelines. Papers should be in English, but we can publish the texts both in the original language and in English. Please send submissions to:

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