CfP: Queering school, Queers in school (Journal: Confero); DL: 01.11.2012

Confero: Essays on Education, Philosophy and Politics (Web)

Confero is a new interdisciplinary journal focusing on issues related to education and social criticism. The journal provides a space for essayistic writing and especially encourages discussions of philosophical and political nature. Confero welcomes articles that are not only stringent and systematic, but also beautiful, esoteric and profound.

Preparing for a special issue on ‚Queering school, Queers in school‘, we welcome contributions from scholars with various disciplinary backgrounds to debate queer issues in relation to educational systems and politics, as well as queer everyday experiences of and at schools. During the last decades we have witnessed rapid changes in attitudes, regulation and conditions concerning sexuality. Still, societies and communities can be described as dominated by heteronormative standards and values. Schools are arguably pivotal institutional arrangements in the formation and contestation of such heteronormative matrix. Yet, different deployments of sexuality and the pedagogization of sexual normativity are never monolithic but rather of a varied nature. This special issue of Confero encourages contributions that address sexual deployments, body politics and queerness in educational practices.

We especially invite contributions that focus on:

  • The pedagogization of sexuality, in particular, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and queers (LGBTQs) in schools and other educational settings
  • Heteronormativity, queering and queerness in educational politics and/or practices
  • School ethnography, educational narratives and fieldwork related to issues and experiences of LGBTQs
  • Possibilities and limitations for queer school experiences in different parts of the world
  • Pathways and spaces to enable creative queer pedagogies
  • Learning possibilities from queer activism
  • Pathways and spaces for unlearning heteronormativity practices

Notes for Contributors
The submission language is English. In some cases we accept contributions in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. An extensive summary in English will then be required. Contributions from non-Scandinavian and non-English-speaking countries are particularly welcomed.

We encourage authors to use the Oxford referencing system. To give the essay form and improve its readability, we ask that the essay has a clearly defined topic or theme that is laid out in the introduction of the piece. We also encourage the writer to divide the text into sections, using headings to promote its readability. Authors are encouraged to refrain from self-references. The text should be proofread before submission. Contributions within the scope of the journal and potentially possessing the qualities for publication will be sent out for peer-review. This special issue of Confero will be guest edited by Malena Gustavson (Linköping University) and Irina Schmitt (Lund University), together with Anna Malmquist (Confero editorial group, Linköping University).

A first draft of the essay should be sent to before 1 November 2012.

For further information and instructions, please visit our homepage:

Anna Malmquist
leg. psykolog – doktorand i psykologi
Linköpings universitet
Institutionen för beteendevetenskap och lärande
581 83 Linköping
013-282127 / 0702-921138


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