Conference Educating Women: A Conference on the Status of Research on the Education of Girls and Women, 22.-23.05.08, Chicago

May 22-23, 2008
Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, 800 Halstead Street, Chicago, Illinois 60607
The University of Oklahoma, Fairfield University, and Northern Illinois University, in collaboration with Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, Chicago, cordially invite you to participate in and/or lead a panel discussion, present a paper, and/or organize a symposium on the status of research on the education of girls and women. Topics may include but are not limited to those suggested below.
Strand 1: Recent Trends in Research on Preschool through Secondary Schooling for Girls and Women, for example, studies of literacy rates in selected nations, research on globalization and the schooling of girls, girls in parochial schools in Latin America, gender and school administration, African girls‘ access to educational technology, the history of feminist activism in the teachers unions, language and women’s education, the status and power of women faculty, girls of color in the public schools, philosophies of women’s education, gender and teacher education, health education for girls and women, gender and textbooks, the education of girls and women with disabilities, girls‘ achievement in science and mathematics, race and gender in the public schools.
Strand 2: Recent Trends in Research on Women and Higher Education, for example, research on women’s changing access to higher education in Latin America, gender and the composition of faculties in higher education institutions, gender and the academic disciplines, strategies Asian women have used to gain increased access to higher education, philosophical arguments on the goals and nature of women’s higher education, research on girls and women sponsored by higher education institutions, trends in dissertation topics related to women’s education, historical studies of women’s institutions, women’s studies programs in selected regions, gender and theological seminaries, biographies and autobiographies of women students and faculty.
Strand 3: Recent Trends in Research on the Education of Girls and Women in Non-school Settings, for example, the education of homeless girls, women and the extension services of land-grant institutions, gender and home schooling in Australia, gender and military training, the education of girls and women in hospitals and clinics, a historical analysis of education in clubs for girls and women, the education of girls and women in settlement houses, health and female beauty in the mass media, life writings of female institution builders.
Strand 4: Recent Trends in the Documentation, Funding and Publication of Research on the Education of Girls and Women, for example, government-funded projects on women and education, UNESCO and the education of girls and women, a gender analysis of scholarly journals across disciplines and/or nations, a gender analysis of recently published dissertations in Canada, trends in the publications of academic presses, major research projects funded by centers of research on girls and women, collections of women’s papers, library collections related to girls‘ and women’s education.

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