CfP: ‚Space and Childhood in History‘. The 6th Biennial Conference of the Society for the History of Children and Youth (Event: 06/2013, Nottingham); DL: 31.10.2012

Society for the History of Children and Youth (Web)

Time: 25. -27.06.2013,
Venue: University of Nottingham
Deadline: 31.10.2012

The Program Committee invites scholars to submit proposals for formal panels, roundtable discussions, and research-in-progress workshops on any aspect of the histories of children and youth, from any place and in any era. But we are especially interested in sessions that examine and compare how space and childhood are mutually constitutive in historically and geographically specific settings. Our call, inspired by the French political philosopher Henri Lefebvre, posits that for any person, including children and youth, there is a dynamic rather than a static relationship between a physical place, its social make-up, and childhood as an ideal or imagined condition. The production of space … read more and source (Web).

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