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CfP: Blurring the Lines: Disability, Race, Gender and Passing in Modern America; DL: 1.10.09

Anthology on Disability and Passing
Jeffrey A. Brune and Kim E. Nielsen, editors
Although one of the common experiences of passing involves disability, scholars have devoted little attention to this important topic. Studies of passing have also paid insufficient attention to the interplay that occurs between disability, race, gender, sexuality, and class when people transgress and create identity boundaries. Blurring the Lines: Disability, Race, Gender and Passing in Modern America is an effort to correct these intellectual omissions and advance the study of this important topic. The editors of this forthcoming anthology seek proposals for scholarly articles on disability and passing. We especially seek proposals that analyze aspects of identity such as race, class, gender, and sexuality, in addition to disability.
The editors welcome submissions from all fields in the humanities and social sciences for this interdisciplinary collection. We expect the anthology to reflect the work being done in fields ranging from literary theory to history to sociology. The anthology will focus mainly on modern America, but we also welcome articles that offer a comparative perspective from a different time or place. The editors are not looking for personal narratives, but will consider personal accounts set within a strong analytic framework. We hope to limit the number of articles with a biographical or autobiographical approach.
To be considered for the anthology, please send a proposal Continue reading

CfP: Transgender Studies and Theories: Building up the Field in a Nordic Context (18-20.11.09, Linkoeping, Sweden); DL: 08.09.09

Department of Gender Studies, Linköping University, Sweden
November 18-20, 2009
Papers are invited for an international conference on transgender studies and theories in a Nordic context. Within the Nordic context there are already a number of activists and researchers from different disciplines focusing on transgender questions. However, at present, there is no network to connect people with an interest in trans questions. This conference aims to:

  • collect and share transgender knowledge
  • develop interdisciplinary perspectives on transgender questions
  • create networks and establish contacts between researchers
  • discuss collaborative work between different interested groups

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Gayle Salamon, Allucquére Rosanne Stone, Del LaGrace Volcano, Stephen Whittle
Supported by funding from Vetenskapsrådet and Linköping University, this conference will combine keynote presentations by internationally renowned experts, seminar presentations and discussions, a performance by a drag king group, and an art exhibition by Del LaGrace Volcano. A special issue of the Continue reading