/etc-br, the Brazilian Eclectic Tech Carnival, 2.-5.12.07, Salvador

/etc-br, the Brazilian Ecletic Tech Carnival, will take place in Salvador, capital of Bahia state, between 2 and 5 December. The event aims to provide a space for women to appropriate technologies in a more intimate and safer way: an environment which provokes and welcomes questions, curiosity, construction and deconstruction of objects and concepts. Why /etc? /etc, one of the directories in the GNU/Linux operational system, contains important files for general configurations such as passwords, users, networks. „and then we asked ourselves: and if we were a part of the Linux system, what would that be? /etc was the best place for a carnival of ideas, then the name Eclectic Tech Carnival was born.“
The main group behind the international /etc is located in Holland and meets annually at the „Eclectic Tech Carnivals“ which have so far taken place in Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Austria and Romania. From women to women. In July 2007 an /etc happened in Linz, Austria and the next one will take place in Brazil, the /etc-br. We invite you to contribute to the permanent construction and organisation of this gathering which has as its purpose learning, exchange of knowledge and „screwdrivers in the hands of women“! Make yourself at home! Please confirm your participation, expectations, needs, and propose a workshop on the project wiki! Remember that your workshop can also take place virtually if you are not able to make it to Salvador! As this is an autonomous encounter the resources are limited to the basic infrastructure, but there is possibility for solidary housing.\/ Get in touch via one of the channels http://systerserver.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/etc-brazil etc-br@systerserver.net /

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