CfP: Shame (Event: 01/2013, Copenhagen); DL: 01.12.2012

Nordic Summer University, Study Circle 8: Exploring Affect (Web)

Time: 18th–20th of January 2013
Venue: Copenhagen
Deadline: 1st of December 2012

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss various understandings of shame and it’s appearance in different contexts, as conceptualized within a broad range of fields. These could include history, theology, gender studies, natural sciences, psychology, cultural studies, politology, media studies, health studies, amongst others. The ambition is to provide a platform for the different perspectives to inform each other, and thereby to deepen the scope of each individual research endeavour as well as of the shared body of knowledge.

You are welcome to participate with two alternative forms of presentations:

  • paper presentations: approximately 20 minutes + 5 minutes discussion.
  • ”standpoints”: short presentation – max. 5 minutes + 5 minutes discussion. These short presentations can be carried out in a variety of ways, for example recommendation of a book, a short comment on a current debate, or presenting the first thought about a research idea.

Those interested in attending and presenting a paper at the winter session are invited to send an abstract of 150-300 words to the coordinators of study circle 8, Rikke Juel Madsen and Jutta Vikman at, no later than the 1st of December 2012. Please indicate if you wish to make paper presentation or a standpoint presentation. If you wish to participate without presenting a paper, please write 50-100 words about yourself, no later than the 1st of December 2012.

A preliminary program will be sent out to the participants by 15th of December.

A participation fee of 35 euro will be charged from all participants on arrival. This entitles you to accommodation, which will be organized by the coordinators, and lunch meals.

NSU will also be able to fund parts of the travel expenses for Nordic participants. The exact amount of the financial support for travel costs depends on the number of participants and their country of residence. The rate of reimbursement is related to the actual travel costs for travelling to Copenhagen from the different Nordic Countries.

For more information about Nordic Summer University see the website: or contact the coordinators directly ( or The NSU is a non-profit institution that supports academic interdisciplinary research, intellectual debate and networking. Read more about the Nordic Summer University here.

A selection of literature that might be used and discussed during the weekend:
(Note that this list is by no means exhaustive with regard to possible theoretical approaches to the topic.)
Julien A. Deonna, Raffaele Rodogno, Fabrice Teroni (2012): In defense of shame: the faces of an emotion. Oxfort University Press
Amy Erdman Farrell (2011): Fat shame : stigma and the fat body in American culture. New York University Press
Martha Nussbaum (2004): Hiding from humanity: Disgust, Shame and the law. Princeton University Press
Eve Sedgwick (2003): Touching Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity. Duke University Press
Sylvan Tomkins (1962/63): Affect Imagery Consciousness. Springer
Valerie Traub (red.) (2009): Gay Shame. University of Chicago Press
Carolyn pedwell and Anne Whitehead (2012): Feminist Theory, no. 13
J. Brooks Bouson (2010): Embodied Shame: Uncovering Female Shame in Contemporary Women’s Writings. State University of New York Press
Monica Greco and Paul Stenner (ed.) (2008): Emotions: a social science reader. Routledge
Heather Love (2007): Feeling backward : loss and the politics of queer history. Harvard University Press
Helena Wulff (ed.) (2007): The emotions : a cultural reader. Berg
Bernard Williams (2008): Shame and necessity. University of California Press
Stephen Pattison(2002): Shame : theory, therapy, theology. Cambridge university Press
Susan B. Miller (996): Shame in context. Analytic Press
Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and Adam Frank (1995): Shame and its sisters : a Silvan Tomkins reader. Duke University Press
Probyn, Elspeth (2005): Blush, faces of shame. University of Minnesota Press