CfP: Rethinking Resistance in Development Studies (Publication, JEP – Austrian Journal of Development Studies); DL: 01.04.2013

JEP – Journal für Entwicklungspolitik / Austrian Journal of Development Studies, Special Issue Editor: Clemens Pfeffer, Department of Development Studies, University of Vienna, Austria (Web)

Deadline: 01.04.2013

Over the last decades, a wide range of literature on resistance and its articulations such as rebellion, protest, opposition, or denial has been generated within different disciplines. In public space and the media, the phenomenon of “resistance” enjoys an increasing popularity, going along with an even broader use of the term. Generally accepted perceptions of resistance offer a welcome pattern for the self-construction and representation of scholars and activists, who define themselves as “political involved”, “progressive”, “radical” and “in opposition to the state”. In this respect the term resistance is not only frequently used by left-wing protagonists, but also appears in right-wing, neo-fascist and neo-colonial contexts. Read more (PDF)

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