Atria: Institute on Gender Equality and Women’s History – New Website Online!

Atria is located in Amsterdam and one of the leading institutes on gender equality and women’s history (Web)

Atria offers a wide range of products and services on the interface between research, policy and history of women. The institute is the result of a merger between Aletta and E-Quality. For more information, visit the new website!

The website shows all the joined expertise from former organizations Aletta and E-Quality. You’ll find dossiers, theme specials and factsheets in the field of gender equality and diversity. You can search through an extensive (online) library collection with well over 105,000 books, as well as 1300 meters digital archive, consisting of ego documents, photographs, objects, sound recordings and oral history interviews. And, of course, you’ll be able to follow the latest blogs, discussions on topical matters and tweets from Atria news. Beschrijving (in English)

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