CfP: Gender and Transformation in Europe (Event, Fall 2013, New York); DL: 15.07.2013

GENDER and TRANSFORMATION in EUROPE Workshop – a joint project from New York University and the Network of East-West Women (Web)

Time: Fall 2013
Venue: NYU Center for European and Mediterranean Studies
Due July 15, 2013

Over the last couple of years, new forces have gathered to undermine women’s and feminist organizing in Europe and Eurasia. The Orthodox Church has launched an “anti-gender” campaign in Russia and Ukraine–with similar campaigns in Serbia and by the Roman Catholic Church in Croatia and Poland–misunderstanding gender and linking feminism to anti-natalist and anti-nationalist projects. Repression and violence, such as the harsh sentences for Pussy Riot and violence at Gay Pride events, raise the stakes. Implicit in austerity policies–cutting services that more often help women while keeping low the taxes that men predominantly pay–is a neomasculinism that once again pushes gender equality off to until “later.” Read more (Website)

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