Symposium: Biopolitics of Scale, 07.-08.04.2009, Botersloot/NL

Berlage Institute (Rotterdam) Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht) Rotterdam, Netherlands
Zeit: 07.-08.04.2009,
Ort: Berlage Institute, Botersloot 25
The symposium „Biopolitics of Scale“ addresses the role of modern states in processes of urbanisation by focusing on the production and transformation of scalar regimes.
The production of scales as platforms and containers of social practices was an essential part of the emergence of modern urbanism as a biopolitical project since the 18th century; it facilitated the introduction of new procedures of state administration of life and distribution of risk on the territory.
The investigation of production, merger, dissipation and transformation of scales reveals a common denominator of the current processes of urbanisation, including the management of the growth of cities; the regulation of circulation of commodities, people and ideas; the distribution of infrastructure, security and welfare; new doctrines of monument protection; and the introduction of new financial instruments which facilitate these operations.
This symposium will discuss scales as designed, produced and contested rather than given by nature, and it will question the ability of architecture and urbanism to reclaim the political economy of scale as their field of competence.
The symposium „Biopolitics of Scale“ is organized by the Berlage Institute (Rotterdam) and the Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht).
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Lukasz Stanek
Berlage Institute
Botersloot 25
3011 HE Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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