CfP: “Codes” (Publication: fiber #23); DL: 06.09.2013

fiber. werkstoff für feminismus und popkultur (Web) (deutsche Version des CfP)

Deadline: 06.09.2013

fiber intends to break up binaries, investigate the subversive potential of codes of conduct existing within “the” scene, and reveal consequential exclusions, analyse neoliberal links and discuss “the” right wing’s strategies of acquisition.

Like every scene or (sub)culture “the” queer_feminist scene has its specific language and signs. In using certain rules of conduct regarding language, clothes, depictions and habits, we *) express communality and commonalities. In this, “the” queer_feminist scene also shows more and more established codes.

  • What are we to think about this? Codes set up exclusions: those who are not aware of the codes, don’t belong to the scene?! Is it possible to become an ideal member of “the” scene in the first place?
  • Are we even constructing the same hierarchical structures we criticise so badly? To what extent do self-created norms pervade “subversive” subcultures?
  • What are the codes and why are they the way they are? Isn’t it that those codes often emerge from a white, privileged position, which should be reflected also?
  • Is it actually true that queer is “in” these days? In relation to this – are feminism and political engagement being neglected?
  • Can one resist this capitalist commercialization? Can queer approaches meet mainstream cultures without losing their political aspect?
  • How can “the” right wing’s acquisition of left codes and symbols be stopped? How do such links develop in the first place?
  • How do codes get manifested in pictures? Can critical pictures even persist without codes?
  • Regarding what has just been said – what categories are drawn upon in this matter? And/or is it that categories are brought into being by the very same process of codification in the first place?

With this topic we want to encourage a self-critical investigation. However, there should also be space for a depiction of the potentials of queer_feminist modes of living.

The topic codes makes us also think of youth cultures, computers, encryptions, hackers, signs and language – all of them being worthwhile to be examined through a feminist lense!

We are looking forward to your suggestions! Please send your abstracts for pictures, texts, handicraft tutorials and interviews to until September 6, 2013! The deadline for the final versions of your articles/pictures/etc. is October 18, 2013.

*) Note: The word we in the text above refers to us being part of the editorial collective of fiber, but also to us belonging – more or less – to “the” left, queer_feminist scene. We discuss and reflect from a socialised as “female” and white position.


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