Conference: Fashion, Consumption and Everyday Culture in the Soviet Union between 1945 and 1985, 24.-26.10.2013, Salzburg

Slavonic Department of the University of Salzburg; Univ.Prof.Dr. Eva Hausbacher, Dr. Elena Huber, Mag. Julia Hargassner
Zeit: 24.-26.10.2013
Ort: Slavonic Department of the University of Salzburg
In the middle of the 1950’s, a turning point in political and social norms can be witnessed in Soviet consumption trends. The conference focuses on the role of these trends in promoting tensions between individually made clothes (at home or by a tailor) on the one hand, and the state propagated dress code on the other, as well as on the resulting impact on the relationship between the individual and the state. This opens new perspectives for the analysis of social, economic and political developments in the late Soviet Union, and how these developments relate to the (de)stabilisation of Soviet ruling structures. The conference also aims to uncover new facets of everyday Soviet life to illustrate the behaviour patterns of …weiterlesen und Quelle

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