Food, Hunger and Conflict: Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food, 16.-17.01.2015, Amsterdam

Conference's LogoThe Special Collections, Univ. of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam School for Culture and History, Univ. of Amsterdam and the research unit Social & Cultural Food Studies (FOST) of the Vrije Univ. Brussel
Friday, 16 January – Saturday 17 January 2015
Venue: University of Amsterdam
When in today’s world we are confronted with the suffering of the hungry, we see them as victims in need of support, whether we pass them in the street or see distant strangers on the news. The study of the concept of hunger has shown that we cannot take this vision for granted. James Vernon indicated that it is the result of history of changing ideas surrounding the concept of hunger. Whilst it once was seen as the unavoidable hand of God, this later changed to a discourse of morality and individual responsibility. Those without food were seen as lacking discipline and in need of education. Read more and program … (Website)