CfP: Gender in a Globalizing World (ESSHC Women and Gender Network, 04/2016, Valencia); DL: 01.05.2015

ESSHC European Social Science History Conference (Web), Call for Papers (Web); Women and Gender Network, Marianna Muravyeva (Helsinki), Bettina Brandt (Bielefeld) and Elisabeth Elgan (Södertörn)

Venue: University of Valencia
Time: 30.-02.04.2016
Proposals not later than: 01.05.2015

The Women and Gender Network of ESSHC invites proposals for panel sessions and individual papers for the next meeting along the following bigger themes, but not necessarily limited to them:

  • What does it mean to research gender in a global world?
  • Comparative Gender and Women’s histories;
  • Gender identities, diverse cultures and politics of belonging in a long-term perspective;
  • Gendered bodies and physical spaces in historical settings;
  • Gender and environment;
  • … and urban studies;
  • … and crime. Read more and source … (Web)