Symposium: Gay and Lesbian lives in Europe during the 2nd World War: History, memory, remembrance, 27.03.2015, Paris

Laboratoire d’Excellence „Ecrire une histoire nouvelle de l’Europe” (Paris-Sorbonne) & the Council of Europe
Ort: Paris
Zeit: 27.03.2015
Anmeldung bis 24.03.2015
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How did gay men and lesbian women in Europe lived during the Second World War? How should their persecution be remembered? Nowadays it is known that during the WW2, homosexual persons were arrested and deported from Germany. Anti-homosexual policies, however, were also developed in several other European countries, some of which, but not all, were under Nazi influence.
Very little research has been done into the scope of these policies, the scale of persecution, and the manner in which European towns and states remember this period. At the same time, there is an increase in the number of memorials for homosexual victims across our continent. This international symposium aims to answer questions that so far have been left unanswered by combining the point of view of historians and European experts in the policies of remembrance and memorials. Read more … (Web)