CfP: How to act together: From collective engagement to protest (Event, 11/2015, Bolgrade); DL: 15.09.2015

Regenbogenparade Wien 20143rd International conference of the Group for Social Engagement Studies, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (Web)

Time: November 19-21, 2015
Venue: Belgrade
Proposals due: 15 September 2015

The conference will explore the broad issue of action – in its various sociological and philosophical traditions – and the particular question of collective engagement in its contemporary forms of protest assemblies.

The question of action and human agency has been extensively debated in social theories of the 20th century. The pendulum moved many times from perspectives emphasizing social and economic determinants to those embracing human rationality, self-reflexivity and the ability to actively construct social reality. While some of the pioneer studies of action focused predominantly on micro-contexts and behavior of actors in concrete situations, the crucial question that social theory is facing today is how to once again shift the analysis from the level of individual action to the macrostructural one, i.e. the level of the ’behaviour of the social systems’ – a shift which would escape the simple structural determinism of action and offer at least a horizon of the possible synthesis of the two analytical planes. Read more … (Web)