Klicktipp: „Homo History“. Vintage Photo Collection (Portal)

butch b 1‚Homo History‘. Photo collection compiled by Jeffrey Gent since 2012 (327 Items) (Website)

The Huffington Post, posted: : „Before passing away, Jeffrey Gent’s grandfather handed him a cabinet card of a young man from the 1890s, telling his grandson, ‚I just realized the other day that you look so much like my Great Uncle Clarence. It’s funny, he was a confirmed bachelor his whole life, just like you.‘

From that moment forward, Gent developed an immense passion and curiosity for not only vintage photography, but stories of an untold history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals that could be hidden behind the lens. ‚That photo made me wonder if this bachelor uncle not only looked like me, but was also gay,‘ Gent told The Huffington Post. ‚If so, how sad that Uncle Clarence’s family knew nothing about his life, and that he wasn’t able to speak openly about it.'“ Read more … (The Huffington Post)