CfP: Women’s work: an ongoing (r)evolution (19th-21st centuries)? (Event, 06/2016, Nantes); DL: 01.04.2016

University of Nantes, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Organized by Martine Stirling and Delphine Sangu

University of Nantes
Time: 16.-17.04. 2016
Proposals by 01.04.2016

This conference will look into changes in women’s work in a historical and European context, in particular the ways in which the transition or passage from an agrarian-type economy to an industrial and post-industrial economy has affected women since the 19th century. It follows our international workshop which took place in Nantes on October 18, 2014 and will focus more particularly on Britain, France and Spain while not excluding other European countries.

The issues raised by this (r)evolution, for families and more specifically women, are multifaceted and complex. In the context of the (work) landscape and environment, one might consider first of all the issue of travel to and from work, or to and from factories in the light of changes between the 19th and 21st centuries. Read more and source … (Web)