Workshop: Feeling Close. A Workshop on the History of Intimacy in the 20th Century, 03.03.2017, Berlin

logoInstitute of Theater Studies, Freie Universität Berlin; »Kunst-Paare. Beziehungsdynamiken und Geschlechterverhältnisse in den Künsten« (Dahlem International Network Junior Research Group, FU Berlin / MPIB, Berlin) (Web)
Ort: Berlin
Zeit: 03.03.2017
The 20th Century has been described as the age of the »transformation of intimacy« (Giddens). But what does this mean for intimate relations in all their historical diversification – from marriage to ›modern‹ partnership – and plurality? While the function of sexuality and the body has already been pointed out in this transformational process, the role of emotions and media is less accurate described and still blurry. Our one-day workshop invites well-known international researches from different fields to rethink the role and the interplay of emotions, sexuality and media for the ›modern‹ notion of intimacy and social relations.
Capitalism and the commercialization of romantic love have clearly transformed emotional patterns. But beside these ›romantic practices‹ how has, e.g., our notion of trust changed and which role does it play for a history of intimacy? »Intimacy builds worlds« (Berlant), so can ›modern‹ intimacy be described as a specific social space created through emotions like love and trust? Weiterlesen und Quelle … (Web)