CfP: „Who, being loved, is poor?“ Material and Media Dimensions of Wedding (Publication: JRFM); DL: 28.02.2018

Journal for Religion, Film, and Media (JRFM) (Web), No. 4/2, November 2018; Marie-Therese Mäder (University Basel) and Anna-Katharina Höpflinger (LMU München)

Abstract Submission: February 28, 2018

Wedding rituals are performed as a “rite de passage”in diverse cultures and within religious as well as secular contexts in manifold variations. The temporal horizon of the marriage vow might be forever and eternal, until death breaks the couple apart, or just temporary. The ritual can include only two persons or several, groom and bride, two grooms or two brides or a multiplicity of persons in any constellation. For some time now, weddings have become events, a big business with fairs, wedding planners and specific products for the special day(s). Media representations influence the look and performance of weddings, how the festivities are orchestrated and celebrated. And at the same time, many couples are looking for alternative expressions of the wedding ritual. We welcome both historical and contemporary case studies, diachronic and synchronic approaches to questions as:

  • The link between tradition, innovation and change in religious rituals und motifs.
  • Representation, political and economic dimensions, race, gender and ethnicity of weddings.

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