Conference: Gender, Generations, Communism in Central and South-Eastern Europe: Concepts, Discourses, Practices, 16.-18.11.2017, Warsaw

Inst. of Literary Research, Polish Academy of Sciences; Inst. of Slavonic Studies, Univ. of Leipzig; Inst. of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Time: 16.-18.11.2017
Venue: Warsaw
Although research on socialism/communism/state socialism, as well as research on generations and gender, is conducted extensively around the world, scholarship that combines these three theoretical perspectives is still scarce. As an academic and intellectual endeavour, this conference originates from the need for a scholarly perspective that conceptualises communism in Central and South-Eastern Europe as a social and political phenomenon within which various social and political actors (including the individuals and groups working within the communist/socialist states, and the representatives of opposition movements) articulated their identities through gender and generation. It rests on the observation that, seen through the analytical lenses of “gender” and “generation”, communism may be articulated as a history of individuals and groups of people who define themselves through certain biological and social and cultural affiliations. These articulations span identities such as: “children of the revolution”, “Bolshevik feminists”, “rebuilding (postwar) generation”, “generation 1968”, “women of Solidarity”, and many more. Read more and source … (Web)