CfP: Difference, Diversity, Diffraction: Confronting Hegemonies and Dispossessions (Event: 10th European Feminist Research Conference, 09/2018, Göttingen); DL: 12.02.2018

10th European Feminist Research Conference: AtGender The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation, FG Gender German Gender Studies Association and the Georg-August-University Göttingen (Web)

Time: 12th-15th September 2018
Venue: Göttingen, Germany
Abstracts due 12 February 2018

The overall theme of the conference is „Difference, Diversity, Diffraction: Confronting Hegemonies and Dispossessions“, which refers to a topic central to Gender Studies: the social construction of difference and inequality on the one hand, and the recognition of marginalised experiences and subject positions on the other. In the face of growing right-wing populist movements, anti-feminist and anti-queer backlash, forced migration, austerity and climate change, these concerns take on renewed relevance.

The subtitle ‚Confronting Hegemonies and Dispossessions‘ is a call to reflect on, challenge and defy the hierarchies, subjugations and deprivations that are linked to structural differentiations and to find affirmative ways of dealing with difference , diversity and diffraction. The conference is committed to promoting a feminist anti-racist accessible space for all genders. Read more … (Web)