CfP: Gender and Ethnonationalism. A New Era of Reproductive Choices and Constraints? (Event: 06/2019, Münster); DL: 31.12.2018

Isabel Heinemann, Verena Limper, and Mrinal Pande, SFB 1150 – Kulturen des Entscheidens, WWU Münster; Alexandra Minna Stern, American Culture, University of Michigan

Venue: Münster
Time: 27.-29.06.2019
Proposals by: 31.12.2018

Although in many “Western” and Central European States ultra-nationalist movements seem to be on the rise, there is limited historical research on their ideological and cultural appeal. Initial explorations suggest that their reliance on conceptions of traditional family, “homelands” and “human biodiversity” are key. To advance scholarly research as well as inform political understandings, we will host an international and interdisciplinary workshop at the University of Münster, Germany.

Focusing on gender norms, women’s roles and concepts of reproductive decision-making es-poused by these movements on their websites, in their media ventures, and in their publications, we will explore the objectification of women in these otherwise predominantly male organizations, examine the complexities of women’s agency, and discuss the effects of rising ethnonationalism on gender policies at large. To contribute to understanding the implications of „alt-right,“ „ultra-nationalist“ and „ethno-nationalist“ movements across Europe and the US, we seek to bring together an interdisciplinary group of historians, cultural anthropologists, and social scientists for an international workshop.

Conceived in the framework of the Collaborative Research Center of the German Science Foundation 1150 “Cultures of Decision-Making” and its … read more and source (Web).