CfP: 2nd Pre- and Postdoc Workshop Central, Eastern and South Eastern European Histories of Science and the Humanities (Vienna, 10/2020); by: 01.06.2020

Department of History and Department of Contemporary History, University of Vienna; Research Initiative „(East) European Epistemologies“ (Web), Max-Weber-Kolleg for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, Erfurt

Venue: University of Vienna
Time: 02.10.2020
Proposals by: 01.06.2020

Over the last couple of years, historians of science and the humanities have taken great interest in projects related to Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe and their global interconnectedness. However, opportunities for a joint discussion of such projects are rare and often rely on ad hoc initiatives. After the inauguration of a forum for projects that link approaches from the history of science and the humanities with specific regional expertise in summer 2019 at Erfurt, the organizers want to continue the collaborative venture of elaborating on (trans)regional historical and political epistemologies.

The initiative aims at a productive debate between projects from history, sociology, literature, media studies, etc. dealing with scientific endeavours and specific investigations in (academic) research, institutions, migration of knowledge etc. We discuss perspectives on the local, regional, (post-)imperial or national frameworks of Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe in the light of specific theoretical frames, challenge the methodological perspectives of these projects, and seek to identify synergies between them.

The workshop is open to all young researchers focussing on the history of politics, materiality, and practices of (non-)academic research with case studies centred in or related to Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe in the broadest sense. To create a productive environment, we are particularly interested in discussing work in progress. The workshop will be based on pre-cirulated papers from ongoing research projects. They will be read and evaluated by all participants and each invited paper will be assigned to a senior researcher for a special commentary to open the floor. Read more and source … (Web)