CfP: Humanitarian Organizations: (Hi)Stories, Impact and Challenges (Event: 02/2021, Amsterdam); by: 05.01.2021

GIRES, the Global Institute for Research, Education & Scholarship (Web)

Time: 20.02.2021
Venue: Amsterdam
Proposals by: 05.01.2021

GIRES creates a welcoming space for discussion and exploration of the rich history of the humanitarian organizations and their work during times of distress.

The new international conference seeks to bring together scholars and practitioners in order to remember stories from the long history of humanitarian assistance offered by organizations such as UNICEF, International Red Cross, Red Crescent and Red Crystal, Oxfam and Doctors without Frontiers in all over the world. The organizers wish to explore their impact in shaping global citizenship and highlight the importance of their work for the support of people both in conflicts and natural catastrophes. In desperate times not only they have overcame the (geo)political and national obstacles and helped people survive but also protected legacies by recording stories and memories creating unique sources of information.

The organizers hope that during our conference we will shed light upon cases and stories that will help us understand not only the ways the organizations supported homeless, starving, and wounded people but also safeguarded unique evidence that in many cases was later used in trials against the authorities and saved the memory of the incidents for future generations. The organizers also hope that they will present the work of the unnamed heroes who, despite difficulties and hostility, helped their fellow citizens survive and set a marker of the universal importance of humanitarian aid. Read more and source … (Web)