Klicktipp and CfP: Futuress. A queer intersectional feminist platform for design politics (Online magazine and community space)

Futuress (Web)

Futuress is a new online magazine and community space for design politics. The organizers understand design as an expansive social and political practice, examining the objects, systems, and structures that shape our lived realities. A queer intersectional feminist platform, Futuress strives to be a home for the histories, people, and perspectives that have been—and still often remain—underrepresented, oppressed, and ignored.

Futuress contains the sections: „Stories“, „Workshops“, and „Community“. The section „Stories“ contains a.o. the category „Feminist Findings“. 24 contributions were published in this category so far. Historical journals of women’s movements are also presented here. Read more … (Web)

Pitch & Submit

The editors’re keen to hear about your projects and ongoing research. At Futuress, design is as much artifacts and aesthetics as it is, for instance, the grammatical structure of a language, the infrastructure of a border, or the systems underpinning how food is circulated. The editors’re therefore looking for stories on the politics of design and the design of politics, on marginalized visual and political histories, on design’s role in activist causes, and on the impact of social structures and processes on our personal experiences of the world. Read more … (Web)

About the project

At Futuress, the model is two-fold: The editors run online workshops on design research, and they publish original reporting and critical writing. The digital community space seeks to foster transnational networks of solidarity, and the editors’re excited to publish the research of workshop participants in our magazine. They feature nuanced, rigorous, and accessible stories centered around an expanded notion of design—and in this, they’re committed to the power of storytelling to convey untold histories and underrepresented perspectives to a broad audience. Their mission is to hold power accountable, give space to those who are seldomly represented, and make more just futures imaginable.

Currently based in Switzerland, Futuress also casts a critical eye towards its own locality and design traditions. The project was dreamt up in the summer of 2020 by Brazilian curator and design researcher Nina Paim, Swiss journalist and editor Corin Gisel, and British-German writer and editor Madeleine Morley. During uncertain and unstable times, they came together to imagine a space for togetherness, generosity, resistance, growth, social purpose, and emotional support.