Call for Short Research Articles: Digital Methodologies for Research on Early Modern Privacy (1500-1800), by: 15.10.2021

A peer-reviewed collection edited by Sanne Maekelberg and Natália da Silva Perez; Centre for Privacy Studies, University of Copenhagen (Web)

Proposals by: 15.10.2021

One of the tenets of the Centre for Privacy Studies research method (PRIVACY) (PDF) is that the analysis of historical privacy can be strategically subdivided in three complementary approaches to primary sources.

The first approach focuses on terminologies of privacy, and seeks to unveil the different discursive inflections used throughout history to express experiences and norms around privacy. The second approach focuses on zones of privacy, and proposes a heuristic strategy to examine the social and spatial organization of practices related to privacy. The third approach focuses on mapping the semantics of privacy, zooming in, for instance, on its opposites in order to uncover what can be learned by analyzing contrasting terms. Close-reading of sources is at the heart of these complementary methodological approaches: they privilege intimate contact and close analysis of the historical material.

The present call for short research articles invites researchers to engage computational and digital methods to expand the scope of the PRIVACY method mentioned above. The editors welcome contributions that honor the historian’s attention to primary sources, but also enable a birds-eye view of topics related of historical privacy. They are particularly interested in case-studies that exercise their methods in a critical way, taking care to unite the potential of computational tools with a reflection of how digital and computational humanities might: 1) enhance research into historical privacy, 2) open up new avenues of analysis, 3) drive historical arguments, and 4) raise new research questions. Read more … (Web)


The Danish National Research Foundation Centre for Privacy Studies (PRIVACY) is dedicated to interdisciplinary and collaborative research into notions of privacy and the private in the early modern period (15001800). Read more … (PDF)

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