International Workshop: Gender and Protest, 01.-02.12.2021, Bodø, Norway

Nord Universitet; Jowan A. Mohammed and Frank Jacob (Web)
Time: 01.-02.12.2021
Venue: Nord Universitet, Bodø, Norway
PhD students from the Nord Universitet and international guests from Austria, Germany and Ireland discuss theses and projects related to the topical framework of „Gender and Protest“ in different historical contexts from the point of view of different perspectives:

  1. Women and Protest in the Late Medieval Period
  2. Women, Protest and Sports
  3. Female Protest and Symbolism
  4. Women’s Protest, Violence, and War
  5. Gender, Protest, and Radicalism

10:00 Panel 1: Women and Protest in the Late Medieval Period; Chair: Edda Frankot

  • Sigrun Wik (Trinity College Dublin/Nord Univ.): Whetting: A Tool of Protest or Conformity in the Íslendingas?gur?
  • Beñat Elortza Larrea (Nord Univ.): Aristocratic Women as Leaders of Dissent in Medieval Scandinavia: Source Misrepresentation, or Agency through Ultranormativity?
  • Therese Thuv (Nord Univ.): Female Power in the Late Middle Ages: Sex and Incantations as Means of Control, as Shown in the Case of Ragnhild Tregagås in 1325

12:00 Panel 2: Women, Protest and Sports; Chair: Jowan Mohammed

  • Saara Henriikka Isosomppi (Nord Univ.): Football Girls, Friendships and Shouting Coaches: Mapping Protest-Assemblages in Finnish Youth Sport Trainings
  • Anna Adlwarth (Nord Univ.): „Chicking All the Guys“: Narrative Interview Study about a Lifetime Outperforming Gender Stereotypes in Sport

14:30 Panel 3: Female Protest and Symbolism; Chair: Frank Jacob

  • Cordula Karich (Nord Univ.): There is no Pride on a Dead Planet: Intersectional Perspectives on Protest
  • Jana Günther (Darmstadt): Symbolic Politics and Women’s Movements
  • Heike Mißler (Saarbrücken): Religion, Right-Wing Populism and Reproductive Rights: A Case Study of Anti-Abortion Activism in Saarland

10:30 Panel 4: Women’s Protest, Violence, and War; Chair: Jessica A. Hanssen

  • Jowan A. Mohammed (Nord Univ.): Women, War, and the Metropolis: New York’s Organizational Chances for Female Protest during WWI
  • Sebastian Engelmann (Karlsruhe): „As if Everything Requested a Return to Old Views that the Man Belongs to the World and the Woman to the House“: Peace Protest in Ethical Culture
  • Dominik Dross (Nord Univ.): „A Man’s Gotta Do What a Man’s Gotta Do“: The Impact Malian Interpretations of Masculinity have on the Recruitment to Violent Extremist Groups

11:15 Publisher Presentation: Rabea Rittgerodt (De Gruyter)
13:30 Panel 5: Gender, Protest, and Radicalism; Chair: Steinar Aas

  • Frank Jacob (Nord Univ.): The Female Force of Change: Women as a Revolutionary Interest Group
  • Martin Göllnitz (Marburg): Gender, Power, Violence? Male Habits in the SA as Unlimited Expression of Protest
  • Florian Wenninger (Vienna): „I Did Nothing but What My Conscience Commanded Me: To Defend Ourselves Together with the Men“: The Role of Women in the Austrian February Fightings of 1934

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