CfP: Queer Pedagogies (Event, 05/2022, Florence); by: 10.01.2021

Queer and Feminist Studies Interdisciplinary Working Group (Web)

Time: 30.-31.05.2021
Venue: Firenze/Florenz/Florence
Proposals by: 10.01.2021

Promoting the acceptance of sexual and gender diversity in education is increasingly under attack across Europe and beyond. Queer-feminist activists, the proponents of gender studies as well as queer-friendly youth and educational organisations face fierce opposition from right-wing extremists, religious fundamentalists and other groups with conservative agendas. Given these challenging circumstances, the organizers want to create a space where practitioners, academics and activists gather to discuss, without too much clamour, various themes related to queer pedagogies.

By this the organizers mean in the broadest sense the queer transfer of knowledge and the transfer of queer knowledge, whether it occurs in formal educational settings, in subcultural spaces, in online environments or within families, chosen or otherwise. Questions that papers may engage with … read more (PDF).

Keynotes and invited speakers:

  • Michela Balocchi (Dep. of Culture, Politics and Society & Co-founder of Intersexioni, Italy)
  • Dominik Kuc (Ranking of LGBTQ-friendly Schools, Growspace Foundation, Poland)
  • Stephan Mills (Intersex youth group of Intersexioni, Italy)
  • Martin Lücke (History Dep., FU Berlin, Germany)
  • Gracia Trujillo (Sociology Dep., Univ. Complutense de Madrid, Spain)

The Queer and Feminist Studies working group at the European University Institute (EUI)

The working group provides an environment for various discussions on different issues related to queer and feminist theory. The working group organises discussions on papers written by EUI researchers, exchange of thoughts on feminism, gender, and queer movements and invitation of guest speakers. Researchers studying gender and sexuality from historical, political, sociological, legal, and economic perspectives … read more (Web).