CfP: Remaking Gender, Rewritting Rights: (Re)Drawing links between gender, politics, marketing and consumer culture (Event, 05/2022, Stockholm); by: 10.01.2022

2022 GENMAC Conference – Stockholm University & Stockholm School of Economics; Susanna Molander, Riikka Murto, and Jacob Östberg (Web)

Time: 16.-17.05.2022
Venue: Stockholm
Proposals by: 10.01.2022

This Conference invites scholars to consider gender paradoxes and struggles, challenge intersections of gender, politics and consumption, as well as articulate new possibilities for advocating for gender equality. The organizers want to foster debates regarding how gender is articulated, negotiated and politicized in and through markets and consumption in order to contribute to a broader discussion regarding gender and social change. In other words, at this conference, our aim is not only to evoke academic debates interlinking gender, marketing and consumer behavior, but also to rethink how academic research can contribute to theory, practice and social change, as they relate to gender.

Possible Topics:

  • Historical Inquiries, Gender and Consumer Research
  • Intersectionality
  • Gender, Race, LGBTQ+ Identity and Consumption
  • Gender, Race, LGBTQ+ Identity and Markets
  • Locating Gender in Consumer Culture Theory
  • The Role of Feminist Theory in Marketing and Consumer Behavior
  • Masculinity in Marketing and Consumer Research
  • Queer/ing Consumption and Marketing
  • Families and Gendered Consumption
  • Visual Consumption and Gender
  • Market regulation and gender
  • Mundane marketing practices and gender
  • Gender and Transformative Consumer Research
  • Gender, Politics and Consumer Research
  • Gender and Politics of Consumption Spaces

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