CfP: Women, Gender & Sexuality – Reverberations of Empire: Histories, Legacies & Lineages (Event, 11/2022, Chicago); by: 16.03.2022

The Women, Gender and Sexuality Network of the Social Science History Association (SSHA) (Web)

Time: 17.-20.2022
Veneu: Chicago, Illinois
Proposals by – extended: 16.03.2022

The general conference theme of the 48th Annual Meeting of the SSHA is „Reverberations of Empire: Histories, Legacies & Lineages“.

The history of empire is inescapable. Nearly every country on the earth is either an empire, a colony, a former imperial power or a former colony of an imperial power, and new forms of imperialism continue to proliferate. The impact, legacies and lineages of empire are everywhere: in debates over historical monuments and slavery’s effects, in current forms of global hierarchy and inequality, in state organization, contemporary war and policing, international health regimes, ongoing configurations of racial capitalism and even social scientific knowledge. Empire is present, even if it seems absent.

The 2022 Program Committee is especially interested in papers and panels that analyze the enduring presence and persistent reverberations of empire. Topics may include:

  • What are the legacies or influences of empire on present-day societies, politics, cultures and economies?
  • What are the dynamics and forms of empires?
  • How did colonialism and imperialism work on the ground?
  • How can we conjoin metropolitan and colonial histories and what are their entanglements?
  • How did empire shape the content and production of knowledge?
  • What forms of resistance were mobilized against empires?
  • What accounts for anticolonial revolutions and movements?
  • What theories, concepts, or methods are best suited for analyzing empire and its reverberations?

Possible themes include, but are not limited to: movements against „gender ideology“, women and gender relations in arts and culture, health and care crises, pandemics, ecofeminisms and/or queer ecologies, queer sexualities, trans histories in and outside of activism, extending Black feminist theory into other (i.e. non-Black) settings both in the US and transnationally.

The panel chairs encourage submissions inspired by the general SSHA-conference theme, that engage research on women, gender, and sexuality.

Please visit our submission portal to submit a paper or session proposal by March 16, 2022.

The panel chairs encourage graduate students to apply for one of SSHA’s competitive student travel grants at

Contact: Dominique Grisard, Zentrum Gender Studies, Universität Basel (Web), E-Mail: