CfP: The Politics of Location Revisited: Gender@2012 (Event: Budapest, 05/2012); DL: 15.08.2012

8th European Feminist Research Conference (Website)

Time: May 17-20, 2012
Venue: Budapest, Hungary
Deadline: August 15, 2011

Confirmed Keynote Speakers: HANA HAVELKOVA Czech Republic | CLARE HEMMINGS UK | ANDREA PETC Hungary | FATIMA SADIQI Morocco

    Women and men in Europe in the first decades of the 21st century are confronted with acute social, political, cultural, economic and environmental concerns, including increasingly racist politics and nationalist discourses across Europe, huge cutbacks in social services and education, strengthening conservative gender discourses, and an overall climate unfavorable if not hostile to feminist, queer, and other progressive movements. In striving to address these concerns on regional, national and international levels, feminist scholars are re-assessing their theoretical and political toolbox. Read more …

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