Jane Austen Conference: 200 years of Sense and Sensibility, 09.-10.2011, St Andrews

Venue: University of St Andrews
Time: 9-10 Sept 2011
Keynote Speakers: Kathryn Sutherland St Anne’s College, Oxford | Paula Byrne author of the new Harper Collins Jane Austen biography
‚I am never too busy to think of S&S‘, Jane Austen wrote to her sister, Cassandra in April 1811. The year saw the publication of her first novel and to mark the event, we are hosting a conference that reflects upon two hundred years of readership and opens up new interpretations of the novel.
Topics may include: Social and historical context | Reception of the novel | Tradition of Sensibility/contemporary aesthetic theory | Literary influences | Sibling relationships | Feminist readings of the novel | Adaptations of the novel | Re-writings, sequels and appropriations | The novel’s place in the canon

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