CfP: New Debates on Gender, Migration and Development: Linking Production and Reproduction Chains in Contemporary Mobility (Event: Menorca, 10/2011); DL: 01.08.2010

ESOMI- Sociology of International Migrations Research Team – Universidade da Coruña; organised by: Laura Oso and Natalia Ribas-Mateo (Web)
Venue: Maó, Menorca (Balearic Islands), Spain
Time: 6-8 October 2011
Deadline: 1 August 2011 (CfP/PDF)
The main objective of this event is to articulate the debate surrounding issues of gender, migration and development. The specific aim of the conference is to combine the disciplines, approaches and perspectives that analyse the various societies affected by international migrations, focusing on the question of gender. Our work will be based on the analyses of global production and reproduction chains (and the so-called ‘global care chains’ in particular) and the new models put forward for the study of emerging trends played out by women in contemporary mobility flows. Read more (PDF)

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