Klicktipp: The European Rural History Film Association (ERHFA)’s Website – More Than 1’000 Film Clips Online (Portal)

European Rural History Film Association (ERHFA) (Web)

The European Rural History Film Association (ERHFA) is a non-profit organisation. It promotes the documentation, conservation and study of all aspects concerning films on rural history. The ERHFA maintains the European Rural History Film Database, an online portal and publishes together with the Archives of Rural History the series Video Essays in Rural History. Members of the Association are archival and scientific institutions. The officers and members of the Management Committee are, together with the members of the Technical Commission, responsible for the implementation of the aims specified in the constitution of the ERHFA.

Members from Austria
From Austria, the Institut für Geschichte des Ländlichen Raumes (IGLR – Institute of Rural History) in St. Pölten is part of the ERHFA network (Web) – and the Österreichisches Filmmuseum (Austrian Film Museum) in Vienna is an associate member (Web).

The online-portal of the Archives of Rural History and the ERHFA contains a selection of the more than 4’000 films (works) which are catalogued in the Database of the ERHFA. Access to the Database can be gained through one of the members of the network.

Digitalisation and Online-Portal
The online-portal also contains a range of the so far digitised films. By now there are more than 1’000 online accessible film clips from 23 institutions in 9 European countries. So far there are 22 films from Austria – archived in the Österreichischen Filmmuseum (Web).