CfP: International Almanac of Women in Politics (Almanac); by: 15.09.2023

Blue Sky Editorial; Elizabeth Rholetter Purdy and Geoff Golson (Web)

Proposals by: 15.09.2023

According to the United Nations, as of September 2022, there are 28 countries where 30 women serve as heads of state and/or government; 13 of those countries have a woman head of state, while 15 have a woman head of government. At the ministerial level, 21% of government ministers are women, with 14 countries achieving 50% or more women in cabinets. At the parliamentary level, 26% of all national parliamentarians are women, up from 11% in 1995. At the local level, data from 136 countries shows that women constitute nearly 3 million (34%) of elected members in local deliberative bodies, says the UN.
Clearly, the early 20th century’s achievements in woman suffrage and participation in government is yielding progress with still a long way to go. However, it’s time to collect and disseminate this progress across the globe, to share the facts and information, to help educate future female leaders on how they got to where they are today. To be published in early 2024, the International Almanac of Women in Politics is edited and primarily written by Dr. Elizabeth Rholetter Purdy. The editors are seeking a small group of contributors to the almanac to round out the international scope and ensure different perspectives.
Consisting of short entries (100 words) organized by 23 decade chapters, the almanac will cover not only biographical data on women in politics around the globe, but also track critical dates of key events globally in women’s issues, ranging from reproductive rights to equal pay to leadership and cultural norms. The almanac, with approximately 2,500 entries spanning the period 1800-present, will be cross-disciplinary to serve undergraduate students and professors in women’s studies, world history, political science, and also related disciplines such as sociology, and international studies. The almanac will be a fact-based „research starter“ for a plethora of topics in women’s studies and women’s history.
With a growing roster of contributors, the editors are currently making assignments with a deadline of September 15, 2023, for the these remaining decade chapters:

  • 1830-1839: 65 entries
  • 1930-1939: 100 entries
  • 1940-1949: 115 entries

If you are interested in contributing to this peer-reviewed reference, a sample chapter is provided along with writing guidelines. Each chapter is signed by the author as a unique contribution to the contemporary literature. Contributors also receive a free printed copy of the almanac.

Please contact the editor Geoff Golson via e-mail address and Blue Sky Editorial, LLC (Web)

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