CfP: Gendered Advocacy and Activism, Shaping Institutions and Communities (Event, 05/2024, Jonesboro/AR); by – extended: 01.06.2023

Rural Women’s Studies Association (RWSA): Triennial Conference (Web)

Time: 15.-19.05.2024
Venue: Arkansas State Univ., Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA
Proposals by – extended: 01.06.2023

Recent challenges to civil rights in various locations internationally bring to mind equity in rural communities which has a separate set of challenges to those of urban areas. Yet, historically activism rooted in rural areas can result in broader change on both regional and national levels. Challenges activists face in pursuing change include a conglomeration of isolation, underfunded education, failing infrastructures, geography, poverty, demographics, lack of health care, low employment, and low wages. Rural activists then require focus and approaches that address their specific needs. In Worlds Apart, attorney and civil rights advocate, Angela Glover Blackwell stated, “equity is the antidote to the plight of isolated, disinvested communities…including rural communities.” Do activists focus on equity as a goal?
In consideration of recent events and movements, the theme of the 2024 RWSA conference emphasizes the central role that women and individuals of all genders and sexualities have played and continue to play in shaping and reforming our institutions and communities.
The theme „Gendered Advocacy and Activism, Shaping Institutions and Communities“ potentially encourages exploration of several sub-themes: Grassroots activism | Advocacy | Women’s rights, including reproductive rights | LGBTQIA+ rights and identities | Health, including mental health | Education | Politics | Environment | Race and ethnicity

Founded in 1997, RWSA is an international association for the advancement and promotion of research on rural women and gender in a historical perspective. RWSA welcomes academic scholars, public historians and archivists, graduate students … read more and source (Web).

Source: Rural History Newsletter 101/2022-111/2022 | Extention: H-Net Notifications (Web)