Lecture: Minja Bujaković and Benno Gammerl: Histories of Gender and Sexuality: Work on diversifying fields, 13.06.2023, Vienna

Reihe „WISO-Abendkolloquium“, Institut für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte der Univ. Wien (Web)

Time: Di., 13.06.2023, 18.00–19.30 Uhr
Venue: Seminarraum WISO, Universitätsring 1, Stiege 6, 2. Zwischengeschoß and via Zoom

At the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence many research projects and events engage questions around the history of women, gender and sexuality. The talk will present some of the over-arching features that in our opinion characterise the work done at the EUI. The different projects apply a broad range of queer, feminist and other approaches looking at early modern, contemporary and other periods. This inclusive diversity holds a specific intellectual potential for the history of genders and sexualities, Minja Bujaković and Benno Gammerl argue.
The talk will particularly focus on the transdisciplinary variety of research methods employed at the EUI and on the transnational as well as intersectional perspectives many projects aspire to. In both respects conversations among multiple angles and approaches benefit each individual project, allowing us on the whole to come up with more nuanced histories of women, gender and sexuality. At least that is what Minja Bujaković and Benno Gammerl think and what they look forward to discuss with the audience in Vienna.

Moderation: Franz X. Eder

Der Link zur Online-Teilnahme wird auf der Website bekanntgegeben (Web)

Benno Gammerl is Professor of History of Gender and Sexuality at the European University Institute in Florence. In his research he focuses on diversity and difference, exclusion and participation, postcolonial and feminist theories, queer approaches, oral history methods and the history of emotions.

Minja Bujaković works on her thesis on „Revolutionary Women Transcending Borders: The Communist Women’s International and the Struggle for Women’s Emancipation“.

Source: fsp-wirtschaft-gesellschaft | Newsletter Juni 2023