Konferenz: Emotions and Capitalism, 28.-30.06.2012, Berlin

Christoph Conrad (University of Geneva); Sabine Donauer (Graduate School Languages of Emotion Free University, Berlin); Anne Schmidt (Center for the History of Emotions, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin)
Ort: Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin
Is there a nexus between emotions and capitalism? Following recent debates on the financial crisis or consumer capitalism, “yes” becomes the likely answer. However, the question how emotions were and are shaped in capitalist cultures and vice versa: how capitalist cultures are shaped through emotional discourses and practices is still widely under-researched. The conference on emotions and capitalism wants to help fill this gap: the aim is to offer a platform for new perspectives on the intimate connections that exist between emotional and capitalist practices. … weiterlesen: Programm und Quelle (Web)

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