CfP: Histories on the Edge / Histoires sur la brèche (Event: „Big Berks“, 05/2014, Toronto); DL: 15.01.2013

Berkshire Conference on Women’s History (Web)

Time: 22-25 May 2014
Venue: Université de Toronto
Deadline: 15.01.2013, CfP als PDF

For the first time in its history, the Berkshire Conference on Women’s History (also known as the “Big Berks”) will be held outside of the United States, at the University of Toronto. The major theme of the conference is Histories on the Edge/Histoires sur la breche.

The theme reflects the growing internationalization of this triennial conference. It recognizes the precariousness of a world in which the edged-out millions demand transformation, as well as the intellectual edges scholars have crossed, re-created, and worked to bridge in the academy and outside of it. The organizers invite all modes of critical thinking and work that represents a wide range of historical methodologies. In addition to established historical approaches and sources, they seek sessions using … read more (Website) 

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