CfP: Feminist thought – politics of concepts (Event: Christina Conference on Gender Studies, 05/2013, Helsinki); DL: 31.12.2012

5th Christina Conference on Gender Studies (Web)

Time: 23-25 May 2013
Venue: University of Helsinki, Finland
Deadline: 31 December 2012 (Website)

The 5th Christina Conference of Gender Studies focuses on the role of concepts in feminist thought. Concepts are crucial in all research, and also often deeply political, as feminist scholarship creates and circulates conceptual innovations which transform social realities transnationally.

Concepts such as ”gender” and ”queer” have already showed their transformational power. A plethora of others contest realitites, but are also prone to creating conficts and politics of its own within feminist thought: just consider ”equality,” ”sexual difference,” ”representation,” ”sex work,” ”transgender,” ”social construction,” ”materiality,” ”affect,” ”masculinity,” ”body,” ”performativity,” or ”intersectionality.” The choice of concepts in research is always a political choice, and it also takes part in the politics of concepts within feminist scholarship.

Keynote speakers

  • Tina Chanter (DePaul University, US)
  • Davina Cooper, (Kent Law School, UK)
  • Elsa Dorlin (Université Paris 8, France)
  • Jack (Judith) Halberstam (University of Southern California, US)

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