CfP – Women and Work in Public History, 26-27.10.2007, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

Presented by the Canadian Association for Women’s Public History

Zeit: 26.-27. Oktober 2007
Ort: Ottawa, Canada
Deadline: 15. Juni, 2007

Building on the momentum generated by the October 31, 2006 workshop, „New Directions in Women’s Material Culture and Public History“, this conference seeks to address questions related to the study of women and public history in Canada. It will bring together museum professionals (from large and small institutions), public historians, public art historians, community groups, scholars, authors, genealogists, playwrights, actors, artists, archivists, students and others interested in exploring the theme of women and work in the public history context.

How is women’s history being presented? How do we present women’s work (paid and unpaid, acknowledged and unrecognized, visible and invisible, valued and marginalized) in a public history format? What successes have we had? Where do we need to go? What do we need to do?

We welcome presentations in a variety of formats including film/video, plays, formal papers, research commentaries, online presentations and descriptions of on-going projects and community activities.

For individual proposals, please submit a title and abstract of no more than one single-spaced page. Please also submit a one-page CV or a 250-word biography. To apply as a panel, please submit a panel title, and abstract of the panel session of no more than two pages, including the names of the chair and each of the
panel members, and a one-page CV or 250-word biography for each.

Proposals must be received by June 15, 2007. We will send confirmation of the receipt of your proposal. The proposals will be reviewed by the conference organizing committee. You will receive confirmation of your participation by July 31, 2007. Please send all proposals via email to Rhonda Hinther at

The venue and sponsors for this conference will be confirmed later.

Rhonda Hinther:

CfP – Quelle: Newsletter des AKHFG Arbeitskreis Historische Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung, Universität Flensburg

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