CfP: Gendered Fortress Europe (Publication: Dutch Journal for Gender Studies); DL: 15.11.2013

The Dutch Journal for Gender Studies (Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies) (Web)

Deadline: 15 November 2013

The term ‘Fortress Europe’ is a metaphor for European (Union) integration that combined high internal mobility with (nearly) impermeable outside borders. In the 90s, feminist scholars such as Lutz (1997) and Kofman and Sales (1992) documented the exclusionary dimensions of Fortress Europe, in particular paying attention to the position of ethnic minority women. In their respective articles ‘The Limits of European-Ness: immigrant women in Fortress Europe’ and ‘Towards Fortress Europe’ , they called attention to the ways in which European configurations play out for (migrant) women in relation to regulations, legal status, the labour market, access to welfare, cultural practices, and representation. Read more (PDF)

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