Conference: Childhood and Conflict in History: Lessons Learned, 05.-06.06.2015, Reading/UK

Heike I Schmidt & Jacqui Turner, Department of History, University of Reading
Time: 05.-06.06.2015
Venue: Reading, Henley Business School, University of Reading
Registration: 31.05.2005 (Web)

  • Speakers include Colin Heywood on modern conceptions of childhood, Helen Parish on children and witchcraft in early modern Europe, Mara Oliva on Korean war orphans, and Dina Resk on ISIL cubs.

The purpose of this conference is two-fold: Academically, it will bring together historians across areas of specialisation regarding time period, geographic area, and approach to explore multiple, changing, and at times contradictory perceptions of childhood against the backdrop of conflict. Here, conflict may be understood as conventional warfare, genocide, civil war, religious strife, but also other violent episodes that put societies under stress such as witchcraft eradication movements and sectarian violence. This deeply historical conversation will be crosscut by discussants from other disciplines. Hence, the purpose of the conference is to gain new insights into the study of conflict through questioning the concepts child and childhood in comparative debate from a historical perspective. Read more and source … (Web)