CfP: Writing at War, writing the War. Soldiers and Civilians of Austria-Hungary in the Great War (Event: 10/2016, Paris); DL: 15.05.2016

Organisation: CREE (Inalco), UMR SIRICE (Paris I–Paris IV), LABEX EHNE, GDR „Connaissance de l’Europe médiane“, Centre tchèque (Paris)

Time: 13.-14.10.2016
Venue: Paris
Proposals by 15.05.2016

The framework of the program is the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Its aim is to contribute on an international basis to a history “from below” of Austria-Hungary from the written sources, privileging those contemporary to the conflict in order to refrain from distorting effects of anachronism and from heroic or victimizing narratives published during the interwar period. We are looking for clues of the wartime atmosphere rather than reconstructions, although the confrontation between these two moments of writing may be fruitful.

The project is based on the observation that this approach has been neglected until now, including in the Austrian historiography as highlighted in the book edited by Bernhard Bachinger and Wolfram Dornik (Jenseits of Schützengrabens) which provides a new perspective on both the military aspect of the conflict and war experiences, although it concerns mainly the Russian front and its proximity. Read more and source … (Web)