CfP: Migration and Refugees in the Balkans and East Central Europe between the 15. and 20. Centuries (Publication: Hungarian Historical Review): DL: 30.09.2016

The Hungarian Historical Review (Web): Third issue in 2017; Special Editors: Ulf Brunnbauer & Gábor Demeter

Abstracts by: September 30, 2016.

Migration and refugee flight have always been key phenomena in the Balkans and East Central Europe, shaping both the ethnic-religious character of the region and its social and economic structures. Some of the consequences of population movement are obvious, such as ethnic diversity or ethnic homogeneity, and movements of peoples have often been a cause or at least a pretext for tensions and political divisions in the region. Other consequences are less immediately apparent, including the contributions of migration to the economic development of the region. One of the key aims of this thematic issue is to draw attention to these less frequently emphasized effects of migration and population movement from a longue durée perspective (increased economic potential, contributions to social and cultural innovation, facilitation of the division of labor, as well as the complexities of the processes of integration/exclusion/re-integration). Read more … (Web)