CfP: Women Against Domination and Oppression. Feminist Perspective (Event: 10/2017, Lodz); DL: 15.04.2017

Interdisciplinary Gender Seminar, University of Lodz

Venue: Lodz
Time: 06.-08.10.2017
Proposals due: 15.04.2017

The aim of the 2nd Conference of Interdisciplinary Gender Seminar is to create a space for discussion of the contemporary challenges of women’s rights and various discriminatory practices. The Conference will also offer an opportunity for sharing the current women’s experiences of domination and oppression in the public sphere.

Violence against women was, and still is, institutionalized in many aspects: cultural, social, economic, political and ethical. Social relations based on inequalities – the breeding ground for violence, both symbolic and physical – are not always evaluated as conclusively negative. The roots of dominance have been clearly defined as resulting from inequality, however, different groups can still be exposed to different forms of oppression based on gender, age, economic status and social or cultural capital.

The organizers are now facing the worldwide radicalization of socio-political life, together with the increasing power of nationalistic parties and political groups spreading out xenophobia, racism, islamophobia, sexism and violence. It necessarily arouses … read more and source (Web).